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Rockwood Tree Services

Rockwood Tree Services are one of the best in the business. Specialists in tree care and removal, the team at Rockwood pride themselves on delivering top quality service to each and every customer.

Rockwood presented a unique set of challenges. Already an established and profitable company, Rockwood wanted to harness social media and digital media to catapult their company well beyond their competitors. In a business segment defined by price competition, Rockwood needed additional advantages in order to grow. 

After meeting with the Rockwood Team it became clear that the advantage to choosing Rockwood wasn't only it's superior quality of work -- but rather the character of its employees. We capitalized on this competitive advantage to convey to the customer that working with Rockwood came with the added benefit of working with amazing people.

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Fit Auto Care

As an up and coming detailing company based in Markham, Fit Auto Care came to us with the task of developing their online identity.

Starting from scratch we first identified key advantages that the company provides its customers -- namely superior service and exclusive access to Ceramic Coatings in the Canadian market. From here we developed a plan to follow some of the iconic vehicles being detailed by the shop through the entire process offered by Fit Auto Care. Washing, paint correcting, buffing, and ceramic coating, were all documented in photo and video format.

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Birkshire Fine Automobiles

As one of the leading experts in British cars in Ontario, Birkshire Automobiles presented us with a massive project: catalog a vast majority of their inventory and create promotional content for web distribution.

To tackle this task we first identified why Birkshire Automobiles is a leader in its segment -- namely the expertise and character of its ownership and staff. To capitalize on this advantage we created promotional content that highlights the personable and approachable nature of the Birkshire staff. This was accomplished through the use of interviews and voiced demonstrations.

Photography was a huge part of this project. Over 25 cars were photographed for Birkshire Automobiles. The majority of which have already sold.

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The Garden Gate (GOOF) Restaurant

The Garden Gate Restaurant has been a local Toronto Beach icon for decades. Quality food, good prices, and family atmosphere have made the GOOF a must visit spot for restaurant enthusiasts of all types.

This project involved an interesting blend of photography, videography, website design, and app implementation. Owners of the GOOF Restaurant wanted to take back control of their online orders from external ordering services which ate into their bottom line. Our task was to give this control back to the GOOF, all while giving them a face lift to compliment their new capabilities.

Using the RIMMI FOOD APP and a few photography sessions we were able to restore online ordering capability to the restaurant and develop an entirely new feel for the GOOF that the owners and customers enjoy! 

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Product Photo / Video

At LiteHawk we serve as a comprehensive media solution. Product photography and videography is conducted for each product from the early conceptual stages all the way to finished product. Conceptual artwork, renderings, prototype photography, and video production is carried out on a variety of product types.


E-commerce solutions have been implemented for parts and tech purchasing and delivery. Behind the scenes expertise is necessary for a fluid online experience.

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Package Design

Each product package is designed to meet technical restrictions including product dimensions and store shelving requirements. Ultra high quality imagery is provided for boxart printing solutions.

Social Media

Social media is managed and updated regularly to include product videos and images. Contests, forums, and support have all been managed in house.